Take a moment to appreciate the cockroach


Kate Torgounick May one day she noticed a black flicker on the wall across the apartment. The adrenaline rush started through my body because of one sight of surge sent. normally, if I failed in finding a can of raid then I would have located a tough shoe and tried to smash the sucker. expecting that she just watched Robert Full’s recent TED Talk. The cockroach body an ode to the ingenuity according to Full’s talk. the roach has a robust system, besides the roach legs allows it to be stabilize on rough surface also the body let the cockroaches to roll and fit through narrow spaces. in addition, to invert the roach feet enable. Finally, the roach exoskeleton allows it to take off in full-speed towards a wall. the benefits of studying cockroaches can teach us how to build better robots according to Full’s work. The inspiration comes from creepy crawlies and Mr. Robert Full’s talk asked us to look at it as part of a growing body of TEDTalks. Additionally, Deborah Gordon rushing us to notice the ants line on a picnic blanket not as disturbance but as a method to assist us to rethink of cancer prevention and Marcus Byrne behest us to be great full for the amazing navigation system of the dung beetle. And, definitely, Greg Gage TED Fellow, the creative of beat box of the cockroach on the TED youth stage by a display on how the electrical messages travel between the brain and legs of dissecting cockroach.

New learned words


  • Flicker: Definition: A shine in a weak or unsteady way.
    1. Example: The candle flicker.
    2. Part of speech: Verb.
  • Ingenuity: Definition: the quality of being cleverly inventive or resourceful.  
    2. Example: a designer of great ingenuity.
    3. Part of speech: Noun.
  • Behest: Definition: an earnest or strongly worded request.
    1. Example: In health care, research is often performed at the behest of companies that have a large financial stake in the results.
    2. Part of speech: Noun.
  • Crawlies: Definition: Feeling or causing a sensation like creatures crawling on one’s skin.
    1. Example: A snail passing through on soft surface.
    2. Part of speech: Adjective.
  • Dissecting: Definition: To examine the structure.
    1. Example: to dissect an idea.
    2. Part of speech: Verb.
  • Exoskeleton: Definition: an external covering or integument, especially when hard, as the shells of crustaceans.
    1. Example: The bag is then placed within a cardboard box, which serves as a sort of exoskeleton protecting the bag.
    2. Part of speech: Noun.
  • Ode: Definition: a lyric poem typically of elaborate or irregular metrical form and expressive of exalted or enthusiastic emotion.  
    2. Example: He long planned to write a book that would serve as an ode to their greatness.
    3. Part of speech: Noun.
  • Invert: Definition: To turn or change to the opposite or contrary, as in nature, bearing, or effect. 
    1. Example: to invert a process.
    2. Part of speech: Verb.
  • Surge: Definition: The rolling swell of the sea.
    1. Example: The onward surge of an angry mob.
    2. Part of speech: Noun.
  • Raid: Definition: A sudden assault or attack, as upon something to be seized or suppressed.  
  1. Example: a police raid on a gambling ring.
  2. Part of speech: Noun.

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