My First Blog

My name is Saeed Matar and this is my first blog. In this course I would like to learn the things which is good and useful for me improving in English skill and how to use the blog because this is my first time. And, I would like to know more about the vocabulary that are related to the tools used by engineers. In addition, I want to gain more skills that would help me to be more successful in my work.

First of all, the amount of courses assigned for each semester is too much because I’m in my final semester and to hold all tasks need time keep balance with performance. The disadvantage are study by using a blog need an internet and some students will forget to get the laptop, also maybe the internet is slow which is bad when the student want to complete their homework this will delay the time for them. The advantage easy to use and to save the assignments. Also, using different resources and get access to websites.

There are a lot of websites that’s help me to improve and learn English for engineering, I’ve found a website called (IEEE) and I have the member ship card.


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